250Hz Pro Blue

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The fastest and most perfectly balanced Powerball® hand gyro range on earth - capable of reaching speeds in excess of 15,000rpm all powered simply by your own hand!

This superlative instrument comes complete with a digital speed meter to allow you monitor your power improvements on a daily basis and test your skills against both your friends and Powerball® enthusiasts throughout the globe on the Top 100 scoreboard! (batteries are already installed - approximate 3 year life span) Also included are full operating instructions and two starter cords.

All 250Hz Classic models are individually hand-assembled from high-quality components and are balanced and tested – certified to spin at speeds in excess of 15,000rpm... for the speed demon in you!

Product Features:

  • Perfect for sports (golfers, squash, tennis, fencing, basketball, badminton, archery, cricket etc) fitness, rehabilitation (Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Arthritis etc), all disciplines of musicians, and are great fun too!

  • 250Hz Powerball® models are individually hand-assembled and are the still the fastest models in the range

  • A digital speed meter can be added at a later stage if required

  • Recommended for 14 years and over